Swimming Lesson Preparation

How to Prepare for a Baby/Toddler Swimming Lesson

You can prepare your baby/toddler for their swimming journey, simply by getting them used to the water during bath time.

Whilst fully supporting your little one, you can practise kicking and splashing with their arms and legs, give them a gentle shower by trickling water over their heads using your hands, small plastic watering can etc.

Lay them on their backs, fully supported, to get them used to the sensation of floating.

Ready to Start

Swimming equipment needed

    • Happy Nappy-soft neoprene swim suit that prevents leakages (buy direct from Splash About or Amazon.
    • A reusable or paper swim nappy
    • Two towels. One for you and one for your baby (hooded ones are good for babies)
    • Changing mat (Splash mat – hyperlink to splash about and amazon)
    • A warm hat-keep snug and warm after swimming
    • Swimming costume/shorts for adults
    • Snacks and drink for journey home
    • After swim onesie are good for toddlers and pre-school age


Arrive about 10-15 minutes before your class starts so you are ready and relaxed.
Changing:- We have a separate changing room for each of you
Feeding:- A light feed for the little ones about an hour before the lesson is ideal
Toddlers leave at least an hour between a meal and their lesson.
Photos:- Ask the teacher and they will check with the rest of the group before allowing photos to be taken.
If unsure about anything give us a call
Swimming classes are a great place for parents to meet people and form new friendships and a fabulous way to bond with your baby
You will learn how to get your baby used to the sensation of water moving around and over them, how to hold them correctly and the foundations of water skills
We use the Swim England (national governing body for swimming) framework. Resulting in the start of their swimming career and a fabulous life skill
We have a maximum of four pairs of babies and parents per class with one teacher in the pool, enabling an individual tailored lesson to your baby’s ability
Classes are 30 minutes long (includes tuition through songs, play and repetition)